Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us”

This is a bit embarrassing and weird but this song makes me really emotional. :L I don’t know why because I’ve only heard this song a few times and obviously I wasn’t around in the 80’s. Recently I was reminded of it when I heard it in a trailer for The Skeleton Twins (2014) and it really affected me. Sometimes when songs are in movies or TV shows there’s an over-stimulation and people find songs more attractive or affecting than if they listen to them in and of themselves. I have to say it’s a good love song, albeit a cheesy one. I wouldn’t mind listening to it with someone I loved. Gotta find that special someone first though. 😛


Top 35 Songs of 2014

Another year, another list. After last year, I decided to cut down the amount of songs to a more refined 35. A good year all the same for music with the soundtrack to Mockingjay- Part 1 providing some outstanding tracks. Kimbra’s The Golden Echo was the album I was most looking forward to, and it seriously excelled my expectations. Hozier’s debut album Hozier is without a doubt the album of the year. It’s an album of great substance and it really packs a punch. I was really looking forward to Charli XCX’s Sucker but I found it to be disappointing and slightly juvenile in style. Charli is smart and she can create great music and I know what she was doing in creating this album. It’s kind of a teen pop/punk “edgy” album. A lot of people will enjoy it, heck if I was 14 I’d be revelling in these songs. It will do well and you know, bills gotta be paid so fair enough. I wish her the best. 😛

On we go with the the top 35 songs of 2014:

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