Same Sex Marriage In Ireland

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As I’m sure you all know already, the referendum for same sex marriage in Ireland passed on Saturday 23rd of May 2015. It was such a momentous occasion and a great feeling of elation spread through the country.

I was so happy, not only for myself but for the thousands of LGBT individuals throughout the country (and world), as well as their friends and families. It was such a long and difficult campaign, and emotions were high throughout. But I’m so proud of the result and I’m glad that I was alive to see and be part of an historic occasion. It really felt like we changed history, and I’m so proud to be Irish because of what we as a nation accomplished. Not only do we become one of the countries that allows same sex marriage, but we are the first country to establish same sex marriage by popular vote!

I was following the results throughout the day as each constituency gave their results. The Yes side won with a whopping 1,201,607 votes (62.07%). All but 1 constituency (of 43) voted in favour of same sex marriage. That constituency was Roscommon-South Leitrim which is a rural area. There was some negativity about them being the only one not to vote in favour of it but in fairness it was only by a 3% margin so there was still great support for it in that area.

When I watched the results coming in I was so teary eyed because it was so great to see people standing up for equality and human rights. The scenes in Dublin were just amazing to see. I went out that night with some of my friends to celebrate and it was a great feeling to just enjoy the momentous event. A brilliant occasion to witness and be part of.


1st Wolf Awards

This is the 1st Wolf Awards. These awards recognise the best books I read in 2014. You can see the list here. This year there are 21 categories. So here we go!

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My Wisdom Tooth

A few months ago I was complaining about how my wisdom tooth was causing me pain. Well after a few days the pain died down so I just said I’d leave it. I mean I did go to my dentist to get X-rays, and basically my wisdom teeth are growing horizontally to my other teeth and their pushing against them. It looks so sore (and worse than the picture above! :L ) I’m on a long waiting list to get it pulled out in the University Hospital Limerick (that way I get if for free, or at least a VERY reduced price).

Anyway, so it’s flaring up again and the pain… It’s not even my gum, it’s my jaw. I can’t open it wide. I mean I can open it enough to eat, drink and clean my teeth, etc. But if I want to yawn, there’s no way I can stretch my mouth because it’s way too sore. Hopefully it either fades or I can get it pulled out in the hospital. I just have to deal with it for the moment! 😛