Top 16 Lesbian, Female Bisexual & MTF Transgender Chracters

Following on from my list of Gay & Male Bisexual Characters, here is my list of female characters.

16. Brook Soso.

Source: OITNB Wiki

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian? Bisexual?

  • Orange is the New Black (2014-present).

I know she doesn’t explicitly state she’s LGBT, but she does have sex with a woman in the show and I think stated she did in the past. Plus, it’s near impossible to find an Asian character who identifies as LGBT so I had to include her. She’s the kind of Piper 2.0 when she first arrives in the prison. She’s an interesting character (played by Kimiko Glen) from her hippy-ish leanings to her eventually breakdown.

15. Santana Lopez. 

Source: Gleeasylum

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian.

  • Glee (2009-2015).

She’s bat-shit crazy. I would not like to go up against Santana. Played by Naya Rivera, her character was initially bisexual but eventually fell in love with Brittany. Her character also allows for a discussion and representation of Hispanic LGBT identities. Good storylines too!

14. Nicky Nicholas.

Source: OITNB Wiki

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian.

  • Orange is the New Black (2013-present).

I really like Nicky’s character (played by Natasha Lyonne). She just has frizzy hair, a slightly hoarse voice and is unapologetic. She’s also one of the most down to earth characters of the show. Her back-story of drugs & theft make her a riveting character to watch. She’s doesn’t show a lot of her inner feelings and she seems unphased when her relationship with Lorna comes to an end.

13. Amanita.

Source: Tumblr

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian.

  • Sense8 (2015-present).

This girl has wicked style. Amanita (played by Freema Agyeman) is married to Nomy and both characters allow for an insight into San Fran’s LGBT community. She’s also a brilliant character who helps rescue Nomy from a lobotomy and also hack into computer systems to aid the sensates. And above all, she provides a representation for one of the many realistic lesbian identities.

12. Carrie “Big Boo” Black.

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian.

  • Orange is the New Black (2013-present).

A lot of lesbian media representation (in the rare case that there are any) tend to be very feminine women with long hair and gorgeous, appealing features. Basically, it’s the male hetero fantasy. But what’s good about Big Boo (played by Lea DeLaria) is that she represents the butch lesbian or woman, often invisible in an already invisible space. Her character also allows for a lesbian identity that is realistic. She’s masculine with short cropped hair and masculine mannerisms. Apart from that, her character is hilarious and allows for a lot of comic relief. Her back story of gender identity is brilliantly done.

11. Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren.

Source: SBNation

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian.

  • Orange is the New Black (2013-present).

Suzanne (played by Uzo Aduba) is probably one of the most loved characters of OITNB. She can be both loving and aggressive and her character really is a roller-coaster of emotions. She’s obsessive and childlike at times but later on shows moments of real intelligence. Her character is enthralling to watch.

10. Piper Chapman.

Source: Fandom

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

  • Orange is the New Black (2013-present).

The main character is the series, Piper (played by Taylor Schilling) is intelligent which at first leaves her isolated. She soon learns to acclimatise to her prison environment. She even becomes ruthless at some moments. It’s not often we get bisexual characters in movies or TV. Her character is shown to being a fiancée to her husband Larry to being quite intimate with her ex-girlfriend Alex in prison and then getting involved with a new inmate called Stella. I’m sure if it’s just the environment she’s in that leads to this behaviour but it kind of supports the stereotype that bisexuals are “casual” in their relationships. Either way, good character!

9. Naomi Campbell.

Source: Fanpop

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

  • Skins (2009-2010, 2013).

Naomi (played by Lily Loveless) was a brilliant character. She didn’t care what anyone thought of her or how she dressed/ looked. The cheek she gave to people was hilarious. I loved her relationship with Emily. It was probably one of the greatest female/ female romances ever written. Her storyline in Skins Fire is so heartbreaking. Great character.

8. Stella Carlin.

Source: Millenio

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian? Bisexual?

  • Orange is the New Black (2015-present).

Introduced in the latest season of OITNB, Stella (played by Ruby Rose) is really interesting. She doesn’t distinctly stick to the gender binary, which is brilliant. She has tattoos, shortly cropped hair but wears make-up and presents herself slightly femininely. Gender fluidity is important and should definitely be a part of everyday life. Her character really challenges the gender binary which I think says more than her sexuality.

7. Sophia Burset.

Source: Popsugar

Gender Identity: Transgender Woman.

  • Orange is the New Black (2013-present).

I know I’ve included so many OITNB characters but seriously the show is great for a discussion of female sexuality. Sophia is a brilliant character for contemporary representations of Transgender identities. Sophia Burset (played by Laverne Cox [who’s actually transgender too]) has great storylines which portray the pressures of transgender people both in the home and outside. Her son had to get used to the fact that his father was transitioning to a woman. She’s also quite humorous and a great character to watch.

6. Lisbeth Salander.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

  • The Millennium Series (2005-2007) – Stieg Larson.
  • The Millennium Series (2009).
  • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011).

She first appeared in Swedish author Stieg Larson’s crime trilogy which was later adapted in a film trilogy starring Noomi Repace. She was played by Rooney Mara in the US remake. Lisbeth is a badass. She’s highly intelligent but falls victim to misogynistic men. She’s a slightly reclusive character who is able to hack into computer system and later aid Mikael’s investigations. Her bisexually is only a tiny portion of her personality which shows the brilliance of her character.

5. Karen Walker.

Source: Popsugar

Sexuality: Bisexual.

  • Will & Grace (1998-2006).

Karen (played by Megan Mulally) is outrageously funny. She cracks me up every time she speaks. And when she’s with Jack, you know something funny’s a-comin’. Her gay jokes are funny and you know they’re coming from a good place. She’s nearly always drunk and is sexually suggestive in a lot of ways- even with women! Love her.

4. Emily Fitch.

Source: After Ellen

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian.

  • Skins (2009-2010, 2013).

I LOVED Emily (played by Kathryn Prescott) in Skins. She was so cute. I loved her clothes. It was so chic but slightly reserved with her cardigans and blouses. (I love cardigan/ shirt combinations). Her relationship with Naomi was one for the ages, so beautiful. Her character was a great comparison to her twin Katie. Emily will always be one of my all time favourite Skins characters.

3. Nomi Marks.

Source: Tumblr

Gender Identification: Transgender Woman.

  • Sense8 (2015-present).

Another amazing transgender character. Nomi (played by Jamie Clayton [a real life transgender person]) She’s an integral part of the sensate team. She’s a hacker and political activist. A lot of these women are hackers haha. Anyway, her back story is heartbreaking and the failed lobotomy is scary as f***. Her marriage to Amanita is so sweet and her contribution to helping the others is superb.

2. Rayon.

Source: Time

Gender Identification: Transgender Woman

  • Dallas Buyers Club (2013).

This is only the second movie character in our list, I guess there just aren’t as many movie LGBT characters. One of the greatest performances of a transgender character. Rayon’s story (played by Jared Leto) is moving and is a great depiction of the AIDS crisis in America in the 1980’s. Her character is the most honest depiction of an LGBT identity. It’s so realistic. She’s absolutely herself and doesn’t tone her behaviour down for anyone. A great film and an amazing character to watch.

1. Lana Winters.

Source: Pinterest

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian.

  • American Horror Story: Asylum (2012-2013).

Lana’s story (played by Sarah Paulson) is probably the greatest in AHS history. Asylums make me so angry. I know it was a different time but they frustrate & sicken me. They destroyed people. I guess that’s what makes Lana’s story so provocative. Initially she entered into the Asylum to report on corruption but was imprisoned against her will. Her sexuality was also used against her and doctors tried to get rid of her “mental disease” and become attracted to men instead. It’s utterly brilliantly done but angers me whenever I think of it. Eventually she overcomes all the obstacles and gets the asylum shut down and makes money off her autobiography. Tough viewing but a masterpiece nonetheless and a character of superb defiance.


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