The Sea Review

Source: Amazon

Author: John Banville.

Published: 3rd June, 2005.

Rating: 7/10.

Winner of the 2005 Man Booker Prize, The Sea tells the story of Max, a man who goes back to the place where he summered as a boy. The story switches between the past and the present.

The past passages follow the events that lead up to an unforgettable event while the present passages show Max’s struggles with putting the past behind him.

The language is beautiful when describing the setting and Irish seaside landscape. The plot is rather thin and somewhat depressing. It’s not wonderfully compelling but the struggles between past and present are well thought out. It may be too subtle for some, it is a long read even though it’s fairly short.

3 comments on “The Sea Review

  1. jenp27 says:

    I loved this book. I think I liked it more than you since I gave it 5 stars (pretty rare for me). I think it was the language/writing that was so dazzling that I felt drawn in more although I did find the plot compelling. Granted it’s a very slow moving plot and I can see it’s not a book that many would find appealing.

    • Yeah, undoubtedly, it’s beautifully written. I think you just have to have a certain taste for this kind of story-telling. It wasn’t particularly my cup of tea, a bit too slow and subtle. But it’s great that you loved it!

      • jenp27 says:

        I agree, it’s a book that I think will only appeal to a small group of readers. I would never personally recommend it to my friends unless I knew for sure they liked slower paced more reflective plotlines.

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