The Inferior Review

Author: Peader Ó Guilín.

Published: 6th September, 2007.

Rating: 5/10.

The first book in The Bone World Trilogy, I went in thinking The Inferior was going to be a dystopian but it was more of an alternate universe. It has fantasy & sci-fi aspects to it. It’s about Stopmouth, a man who stutters living in this primitive society where they hunt for food and have very basic living conditions. The tribe has to fight other tribes in order to stay alive. One day a woman falls from the sky in this airship and they have to get her back to the “Roof” where she’s from or something I don’t know, I forget. This novel is repressed from my brain.

I really wanted to love novel. Not only because the author is a fellow Irishman but also because the premise sounded really interesting. The setting was refreshing and I was compelled to learn more about it. But the novel falls on many levels. The writing is just so repetitive. There’s just action after action with no depth at all. And it’s like that the whole way through the novel. I got bored and annoyed reading it.

There was no drama either, and when there was character interaction it was painful because the dialogue was so chopping and frustrating. I know it’s good to have a character who stutters- it’s positive representation but the novel mixed that with poor grammar and it was so annoying. It really was a tough read. I wasn’t a fan of it, and I wouldn’t recommend it. Good idea but awful execution, I’m sorry to say.

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