Carol Review

Author: Patricia Highsmith.

Published: 1952.

Rating: 8/10.


This book really doesn’t need any introduction. I think we’re all well aware of the story from the high profile movie adaptation that has been released recently. 

It’s basically the story of a young woman, Therese, who begins a romantic relationship with an older woman, Carol, who is divorced and has a child. It takes place in New York in the 1950’s, so it’s a wonderful period drama.

I enjoyed the fact that the characters felt real. They were flawed in ways and likeable in others. Carol, at times, was a bit cold and distant whereas the younger Therese had trust issues and was messing around with Richard.

The intimacy between the two women is beautifully written. I loved the subtle gestures and the eye for detail that Highsmith had. There was a lot of language communicated through gestures and touch which I thought was powerful.

The trip they had was a great plot device as you get the sense of escapism. I also liked the drama involving Carol’s custody of her child. It was really heart-breaking how she had to choose between her child and Therese.

A wonderfully written period-romance that has an eye for detail. Highly recommended. 




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