The Cripple of Inismaan Review


Source: Peter Viney

Playwright: Martin McDonagh.

Published: 1996.

Rating: 7/10.

I had to read this play for my Contemporary Irish Lit class. I’m not a big reader of plays but this one was a quick and easy read. 

Set in 1934, the play follows the titular character, Billy, as he auditions to be in the documentary film Man of Aran (1934). The play is a comedy and we meet a cast of humorous, caricatured characters who depict the life along the West coast of Ireland. They are ridiculous, outspoken and unapologetic. It’s basically Father Ted but in play form. 

I found the characters hilarious and outrageous. At times I did laugh out loud. The humour helped to raise serious issues such as clerical abuse, alcoholism and violence which are rampant throughout the drama. In this way, the comedy has a social commentary underlying it. 

The dialect is very Irish so if you’re interested in reading those depictions give it a read. I felt the depiction of accent was realistically written, but I do have friends who are from the West who have said it’s overplayed and ridiculous. 

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