Hollow City Review


Source: Goodreads

Author: Ransom Riggs.

Published: 2014.

Rating: 6/10.

The second book in the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children trilogy. It continues on from when Jacob and the other children escape from their destroyed loop and have to find a way to transform their headmistress from a bird back into a human. 

It’s hard to sum up what happens. Frankly I don’t remember (woops). But there’s a lot of time travelling, jumping in and out of loops, running away from monsters and bad guys. So a lot of action. The children bascially have to avoid the wights and hollows who are trying to capture them… for some reason. I don’t know. This didn’t leave a very lasting impression on me, obviously. I’m sorry. 

So what did work? Well it’s a solid YA novel if that’s what you’re in to. It has a good amount of action and tension. The children seem to stumble into situation after situation.

The photographs are of course the star of the show here. Ransom has collected another weird and spooky batch of vintage photographs which are dispersed throughout the novel. They’re really quirky. I did enjoy the 1940’s passages. It felt like a period piece and added a bit of style to the book.

Ok so I did have issues with the book. I felt the story was lacking at times, and it was a bit boring. I felt as though the author had fitted the story-line to include certain photos so it felt a bit weak in places.

The time travel thing still confuses me. I understand the loops but I don’t get how when they leave they’re in a particular time. I just can’t get it around my head. 

The characters were varied but I felt it was just style over substance. There was so many and because of that they weren’t fleshed out. Hence I didn’t really care for any of them. 

I also felt that the passage in London during the bombings was very odd. It seemed a bit off to me. I know they explained that the events were in the past so they couldn’t change things, like helping people, but the way the bombings were treated seemed to lack respect or seriousness. I don’t know. I just thought the book didn’t deserve to discuss it. 

It’s a good series, and if you’re a teen you’ll enjoy it. I just feel a bit tired of this series at this stage. I’ll probably finish the trilogy. Here’s hoping the last one is an improvement. 


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