Tonight Review


Source: Amazon

Author: Karen Stivali.

Published: 2015.

Rating: 6/10.

I should probably explain that once a year I like to read a published erotic novel/novella. I mean sometimes there are erotic scenes in other books I read but it’s nice to just read a raunchy, no-holds-barred, straight up story about lust and sex. It’s good to get a break from serious subject matter. So this is my choice this year.

Tonight is about David, a college student who lives with his brother Derek. Then one day Derek’s best friend, Wiley, comes to stay because he has had to leave his accommodation for an unknown reason. David, of course, has the hots for Wiley and the feelings of lust start going crazy.

The plot is grand. It’s an erotic novella so really it’s not going to be an epic story-line. The writing was easy to read, the characters were realistic and at times it was pretty humorous. The sex scenes were good; hot and steamy. I do feel a bit robbed though because there was no anal sex scene, just oral sex. Usually full on sex is the standard of erotic novels but the scenes that were provided were well written so I won’t complain. 

A quick read, it did it’s job. If you like m/m college eroticism then fire away. I would say that the book I read last year, Helping Hand by Jay Northcote, was much better. 

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