Good Morning, Midnight Review

Author: Lily Brooks-Dalton

Published: 2016.

Rating: 6/10.

It’s been months since I actually read this. I’m only getting around to reviewing it now due college, projects and work, etc. 

The name of this book is inspired by Jean Rhys’s novel of the same name. Brooks-Dalton’s novel has parallels with Rhys’s as both follow themes of isolation, the past, and trying to grasp what has been lost. 

The book follows two stories: One centres around Augustine, an old scientist working in a research centre in the Arctic, who stayed behind after an evacuation due to an unknown global disaster. The other centres around Sully and her team of astronauts who are returning from their mission on Jupiter. Their spacecraft soon loses communications with ground control on earth.

Both characters are on emotional journeys about their own pasts, and communication and isolation have a lot to do with these stories. The parallels in both stories, and to the original Good Morning Midnight (1939), were strong and it was interesting to see the contrast between both stories. The settings of the Arctic and the spacecraft were well described also.

However, the novels weakness is that there is a lack of plot. It felt like a boring version of Interstellar (2014). Nothing much happens in the story. There isn’t much of a climax in either story. It felt like the novel cut off before the main events were about to happen. Thus, there lacked resolution. We didn’t find out what happened to the characters in both stories. Also, it was frustrating that the global disaster was never revealed. There wasn’t very much information about that.

Overall, the novel set up a very interesting premise with a strong sense of humanity through the characters but the focus was lacking. The plot was weak, and the main interests of the novel weren’t explored. 

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