Kirsten Dunst’s Singing

Kirsten Dunst is by far one of my favourite actors. I also love her vocal ability. I’ll admit it, I’ve only heard a few of Kirsten Dunst’s vocal performances. But I must say, I’m in love with her voice. One of these is in Spiderman 3 (2007) while she is on the Broadway stage. She is perfect for musicals and does an amazing version of “They Say It’s Wonderful.” Her voice flows beautifully with the orchestra.

Contrasted with this is her jazz bar rendition of “I’m Through With Love.” This is one of my favourite pieces of music of all time, even though it’s literally a 50 seconds clip. Maybe the reason it’s so special is that it’s so rare and Dunst has released very little in terms of music. Personally I love jazz and jazz bars. I’ve never heard anything like Dunst’s singing voice. Some people note it as nasally but I love the tone of it. I think this style of song is known as the “torch song” but any songs I’ve looked up don’t quite have that tone that she has. They all have a more full sound or bass sound. It’s brilliant with the piano and drums.